Drain Cleaning and Descaling

Having a blockage or backed up drain is never convenient, and always seems to be at the wrong time. HPC provides Drain cleaning and hydro jetting services for all types of systems including gravity, grease and sump pumps. Majority of drain clogs arises due to poor maintenance and pipe issues. Stoppages occur when there is a obstruction in the drain that causes water to accumulate and avoiding the water to go down. Build of grease and solids can also cause drainage issues, by performing routine hydro jetting you can prevent stoppages from occurring. Cast iron drain systems also benefit from descaling where the metal is solid and in good condition. Did you know majority of home drains are no bigger than a medium size beverage cup !

Sewage and Drain Repairs

HPC specializes in root intrusions and cast iron repairs in South Florida. Combination of rising tides and soft grounds is a perfect habitat for drainage systems to be affected by roots that can create blockages and all sorts of stoppages in homes business alike. The photo above is a section of Orange burg pipe and was used a common material for some homes in Broward County plumbing systems. The material consist of a tar paper and the pipe weakens over time causing constant stoppages until the camera inspection identified the problem and a pipe repair was corrected.

Leak Detection

High water bill and signs of water damage is usually the first signs of leak. Slab leaks usually have no visual indication of anything wrong and usually go unnoticed for some time. While both of these leaks can be hard to diagnose, HPC have a solution for you. 85 % of leaks are diagnosed with out equipment and have been known to be expensive to locate. Important knowledge like when the home was built and what materials are used to supply water to the structure help eliminate a lot of the non-sense that many others cannot solve. Before fancy expensive equipment was invented there was a procedure used to determine the leaks In and around homes.

Plumbing Inspection and Reports

Known as Priscilla one on one

Ever just want to know where you stand on the over all health of your plumbing. HPC customizes in specialized reports for Insurance companies, realtors and challenging situations pertaining to just diagnosing if needed. Some clients want to just have a professional come in and give advice and educate them with facts and knowledge. This service is one like no other… Why… you ask? Well at HBC we provide the service of calling the shots with out the intention to sell or repair. Well this is strange .. and why would anyone would want to do that? How do you make a profit? Why…

Well Priscilla 4th Generation plumber and well known in the industry has been trusted and known for this service …We are very excited to be one the first companies to provide this service and does it for the greater good! Ok…. Now tell me more… Well when priscilla was growing her fathers plumbing company she found her self on the phone for hours giving advice and guidance and helping many technicians, husbands and others get through a simple repair saving them hundreds of dollars by her education and process of elimination. She said “Well if I can do this and get paid I could help more people and focus more time on this”. She started to provide this service for HBC first and found many clients calling back… including property managers… condo engineers and many more. After dispatching over 100 plus plumbers in her career and over 20 plus years in the trade, she became the virtual YouTube to the hands-on customers. Also while establishing many of those men & woman to become her current competition today, she found great gratification in helping others and found many companies employing and helping other companies succeed for the greater plumbing results in South Florida. Call / Text Priscilla today for your custom phone consultation or visit today!